Window Cleaning

The trade that looks easier said than done. We have all tried cleaning our own windows, even our car windshields. Only to realize we left smudges and streaks everywhere haha.  Soapy solution and newspaper, the way our grandparents or parents used will work.  But do you really have the time, energy, and patience to clean each window to pristine condition? Probably not, but I do! :)

Cleaning them traditionally with a scrubber and squeegee or the "new" way with a water fed pole, cleaning them "nose to glass" as we call it in the field, on a ladder or with a pole, I have the experience and tools to provide all ways, with outstanding results.  Yearly, bi-yearly, quarterly, I'm always happy to see a customer return for another clean.



The dreaded screens! They serve a purpose, to keep the pesky little bugs from entering your home as your window is open for a little cool breeze. But have you tried taking one off? They can be a pain and can easily be damaged, by bending the frames, accidentally poking or tearing the mesh, or breaking the corners.  

I am careful when taking them off and putting them back on. I wash them, not dust them.


Gutters and Downspouts

We don't notice them until they are pouring over, or leaking inside our homes.  Most are filled with dirt, sand from the roof shingles, leaves and branches.  But I have found full blown plants and flowers growing in them, ant nests, spider nests, bird nests, even animal carcasses.  

Its a pretty messy job, but I clean them all by hand, inspect for leaks and clogs and do a final rinse on them.



Leaks happen at the seams, usually at the corners. During the rinsing part of the cleaning, i will notice with corners leak. They can be resealed that same day, if the weather is dry enough, or on another day.  

Downspout clogs can back up your entire gutter system.  Like the leaks, clogs can be found during the rinsing part of the service. Taking apart the downspout to get to the clog, or "snaking" the downspout will unclog them.

Sometimes, clogs happen in the draining system underground. I will let you know and direct you on who to call.

Solar Panel Cleaning

We don't ever notice that they need cleaning, partly because we can't see them.  Some people think the yearly rain will take care of them.  Really? Have you ever left your car dusty and dirty and just let the rain take care of washing it? Doesn't look too pretty when the storm clears does it? That's because it needs to be scrubbed, as so do the solar panels.

I clean them with our water fed pole, which consists of a soft bristle brush(sometimes boar's hair) that will not scratch them because it's made to clean glass. At the same time, the brush contains small jets that shoot out purified water coming from our tanks to rinse them.


Pressure Washing

Your home is considered my home at the time of the service.  So i move everything out of the way as to not get anything wet or damaged with the pressure washer.  Outdoor speakers, tv's, etc, all get covered before the washing begins.  Using the right pressure as to not damage paint, stucco, or tile.



I also provide commercial and store front services.  From using a scissor lift to a boom lift or a 32ft+ ladder, it can be done.  Need your office or warehouse cleaned yearly, bi-yearly, quarterly, montly, I can put you on the calendar and remind you when the time comes for the next cleaning service.


Store Front

Restaurants, beauty parlors, nail salons, coffee shops, supplement stores, etc, these are some of our weekly and bi-weekly clients.  You choose if you want exterior only, interior as well or how often you want it.  You let me know and Ill be there.